Friday, February 13, 2009

My second knitting project!

My little dress for Maya! Maizey tried it on too, but it fell off her shoulders and dragged on the ground. I finally had a pattern to guide me this time:

Adjusted and made a bit bigger, and to use up yarn from the basement.

This is the fringe on the bottom. I ran out of the black before I was done binding off, so I used some red fringey stuff to finish, and liked how it looked so much I crocheted around the rest of the edge.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry, no one would stand still!


  1. KRIKEY you're talented! That is SO wonderful!

  2. Okay seriously, what Liz said on FB. You work AND knit. That makes me feel even more like a slacker.

    ('tis cute tho.)

  3. And I don't do laundry, cook beyond mac 'n' cheese, feed the animals, wash dishes ... I leave Chris with it all because I seem to have a problem with the knitting, I just keep doing it every chance I get and even the chances I shouldn't get! That's how. You should SEE my house.