Sunday, January 30, 2011

What speech is this that you're butchering?

So last night I was working on a drawer in the yarn dresser. The yarn dresser is mine for my fiber stuff because it is not suitable for anything else, being a cheaply made bad purchase. The top drawer suddenly had a bottom that no longer fit in it, allowing all sort of delicate things to spill out and get squished. I emptied the drawer and tried to figure out how disintegrating plywood could be repaired with no tools and no talent. Chris keeps all the tools and nails in rotating inaccessible locations, and every time I hide a hammer or a screwdriver in my underwear drawer just so I know where one is next time, it eventually gets found and put "away, " by which I mean really AWAY. I do not meant to say that Chris is doing anything wrong, quite the contrary, if I were in charge of hammer and nails we'd be finding them embedded in our feet every day, because I am a slob and Chris is extremely neat.

So Chris did find me some tiny nails and a hammer. Unfortunately the nails were so small that they weren't even up to the job, and also if you hold them in the traditional way and bang them in, you can't actually hold them after the first hit, because then you are just hitting your fingers. He was working on something extremely productive outside, and I didn't want to bother him over a few nails.

Against the backdrop of this silly situation, I am simultaneously trying to get both girls to brush their teeth and put on pajamas, two things that require 100% attention and bullying to achieve. I can't wait until after because I can't be hammering and swearing after they go to bed. SO the naked unbrushed girls are running around me and leaning in too close, and I am saying all sorts of great mother things like "Get away!" and "Stop interfering!" Eventually Maya the 5 year old does go and brush her teeth, but Maizey, who just turned 4, stands at a safe distance and says "Don't feel bad, Mama. You're just not very good at this. It's okay, there's lots of things you're not good at. Sometimes things just aren't going to work out. It's okay."

This is more articulate than usual for her, so I think that maybe she was trying to repeat some pep talk that someone had given to her? I said "Maizey, where did you hear that?" and she said "It's okay, Mama, it's okay."

I guess it's okay! In the end, I did get the bottom back into the drawer, and kids went to bed happy. Then I tried to put the drawer back in, finding that whatever I half-accomplished made the drawer too wide for the tracks. Oh well, it forced nicely. I guess I'm just not very good at this!


  1. look at you happy blogger! Can you please do more of this?... it's been over a YEAR!

  2. What a lovely way to start my morning, thanks for sharing. :)