Monday, June 8, 2009

Underwater Moonlight

I wish I had taken pictures, but it just wouldn't have captured this.

So Maya (just 4) and Maizey (2) and I went to visit my brother in the hospital (its own ridiculously long story). Outside of the main entrance at the Lahey Clinic is this absolutely beautiful bronze sculpture, it's a life-size little bench with a little girl sitting next to a little boy, and they're reading a book together. The piece is entitled "When I Grow Up I Want to be a Nurse," and it's a gift from the family of a little boy and girl, given "in awe and gratitude" for the nurses of the Lahey Clinic. It made me all misty when I saw it without the kids.

So we went to visit Uncle Ian, and left without security having to be involved (a good day). As we walked out, the girls were drawn towards this wonderful sculpture. I see no problem with this, it's indestructible. Maizey hops up on the bench next to the little girl, and Maya tries to squeeze in next to the little boy.
"Mama, make him scoot over."
"He can't scoot over, he can't move ... "
"Is he dead?"
"No, but ..."
"Then make him scoot over!" (pushing him with all her might)
I convinced her to perch on the arm of the bench, where she very happily slung her arm around the boy's neck and began singing softly into his ear.
Meanwhile Maizey had put her arm around the girl's shoulders and was inspecting the back of her neck.
"Oh, you have a boo boo, where's your mama? I will kiss it for you. What is this? Is this your hair? You have pretty hair!"

Of course people were walking by, so charmed and delighted, laughing and telling me how beautiful this scene was. And they were right, it really looked NATURAL.

Then Maizey wants to know what happens next in the book they're reading, and the girl's got her thumb on the page and WON'T LET MAIZEY TURN IT. Maya decides to help and is trying to wrest control of the bronze book away from these completely unresponsive (and apparently very rude) children.

I said "Okay, it's time to say goodbye and go home. Say goodbye!" This usually works.

But Maizey is on the ground now, she has two hands pulling the book and one foot braced up on the bench, she's sweating and red and screaming,
"My book! My book!"
Maya is still being helpful, she's off the bench now too, and she's got the boy's arm and she's whacking it, and she's yelling,
"Give her the book, give it to her!"

This is just not how you behave. I dragged them off to the car, them screaming and crying, me laughing.

Why didn't they figure ANY of that out? Or was it me, was I missing something?

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  1. This post just dissolved Michael into hysterics. That's wonderful.