Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Drunken Mothering Feasibility Study:

5:20 PM: Dinner is going, I think I'll have a few glasses of wine. One kid is sick, the other kid is the good kid, there's a movie on, and I feel like starting a blog.

5:30 PM: Dinner is done. Wait, I need to make rice.

6 pm: My hand hurts so badly. Rice is done. Chicken stew, check. Blog, blogged. Children, adorable. And soaking wet. Okay, everyone into the bathroom for diaper and wardrobe changes! Yes of course you can have more chocolate milk.

6:05: First snag in drunken plan. Husband calls from work with frozen throttle cable. I am home, and in fact talking to him on the phone, but decide to pretend that I am the answering machine, since there is no way I can drive. He is skeptical, but decides maybe he doesn't need a ride after all.

7pm: Drunken mothering study closed down when I realized things like this should stay private. As long as the kids survive, everything's cool.

This is purely satire. Really. Really.


  1. Yep, me too. Cheers.

    (you pretended to be the answering machine? AWESOME.)

  2. we absolutely need to talk. i keep trying to catch you on FB... but is that really "talking"? I read this post a few days ago and it keeps replaying in my head... so... let me know when we can talk because I'm sure that we have a LOT in common... I mean, besides what we already have in common.. which, is like, kids?
    Jess... we really need to get to know each other more.